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Bands: Wires & Lights and Terminal Gods

Wires & Lights

We are kicking in in the summer with two very good bands from the international post-punk music scene: the based in Berlin music project Wires & Lights, and the British band Terminal Gods.
The influences from the best Goth era, like Sisters of Mercy, Rosetta Stone, Nick Cave, is there but both bands clearly have their own style. With the influx of indie rock coming to the forefront, a multitude of bands from the new post-punk scene has broken open the doors and entered a battlefield for the most coveted places on the top of the alternative-music charts.
Rising projects like Geometric Vision, Angels of Liberty, Ash Code, or the New York based band Blacklist have been flooding the dancefloors the past few years with weapons of debut albums and EPs, proving that the post-punk scene is more than just there: it is alive and kicking.
Terminal Gods and Wires & Lights come from a similar music scene and both share dry and dusty atmospheres, both black, dark, and smoking cool. Nevertheless, they have grown their own personal musical identity. Terminal Gods heavier sounds and rocking guitars are a bold and fairly young band with a lot of potential, who shared the British music stage together with Ulterior. They will be supporting Fields Of The Nephilim on 27th June at Glasgow Barrowland.
Wires & Lights captivating voice is Justin Stephens, is very well known for his previous project Passion Play born in Oxford in 1997. The new band, however, sounds more mature and ready to kick real asses out there. It follows an intelligent formula of thumping bass courtesy of bassist Gabriel Brero, Sebastian Hilgetag’s drumming, epic guitar interplay by Ralf Hünefeld, and Stephen’s vocals on top keep us spellbound until the last second. Their debut single and Video “Drive” is only a preview of the upcoming album “A Chasm Here And Now”, which you can experience live at the NCN Festival Deutzen (Leipzig) on the 6th September – 8th September 2019.

More Information on Wires & Lights:
More information about Terminal Gods: Terminal Gods: They can also be found on and they tweet as @TerminalGods.

Article by Valentina Ferrarese

1st single taken from the album “A Chasm Here And Now”, to be released Sep 13 via Oblivion/SPV. GET IT HERE:…

VIDEO: Directed/Edited by Hannes Greve ( Cameras by Jacob Letz + Hannes Greve Thanks for assistance to Anja Langer, Moritz Stellmacher, Edith B.P., Malte Audick + Turi Agostino. Special thanks to Robin Hirsinger (Slaughterhouse)

Terminal Gods