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Record Release by Aesthetic Meat Front

at the Duncker Club Berlin in occasion of the Beltane Celebration 2019


Tuesday // 30 April 2019 // 10 p.m. // Duncker Club (Berlin)
DJ Ørlög & Vale Ferrari
welcome you to our Beltane Celebration at the Duncker Club (Berlin)!

Like every year the dark and pagan communities are gathering at the Duncker Club for a common purpose: to honor the spirit of the Beltane, the return of the Sun and its Warmth, and the turning of the Wheel of Life. DJ Ørlög will be in charge at the DJ Pult, accompanying us with the best music until morning comes.
It is our custom to begin our Beltane Celebration with a special performance during the first part of the night, which is also dedicated to pagan and ritual music. This Year Louis Fleischauer & Friends will celebrate the new release “Essence of Rituals” (Old Europa Cafe) by Aesthetic Meat Front with a Beltane Ritual Performance.

After 13 years of silence finally here comes the new opus by Aesthetic Meat Front

AMF combines body art rituals with primordial soundscapes. 
ESSENCE OF RITUALS: In contrast to previous releases this album reflects more of the raw energy from the public rituals of AMF instead of being a separate concept release that is born in the studio.
The only source for “Essence of Rituals” are sounds selected from 9 public rituals over the course of 7 years. 
Those sounds are dissected and forged into a sonique dreamscape.
Most of the instruments used at the rituals of Aesthetic Meat Front include the human body in one way or another. 
For example the heartbeat of Louis Fleischauer during suffocation, brainwaves at the moment of piercing and thereafter, amplified springs that are connected to the skin via hooks, the ultrasonique sound of an embryo.
Thus the euphoria and agony on stage can be shared with the audience in the form of sound.

Comes in 3 different Versions:

– Oil 12″ Gatefold, Black Vinyl limited press of 201

– Blood 12″ Gatefold + Tape Limited to 90 colored vinyl (black with blood splater)

– Flesh limited to 9 (12″ Gatefold + Tape Limited to 90 colored vinyl (black with blood splater), various AMF relics, such as broken mics, bones, scripts, hooks all inside a custom made wooden box) Each box is different and comes with a signed art print

Get your signed copy at the Duncker Club during the BELTANE Celebration 2019 – There will be various giveaways for people arriving before midnight (collect your number at the AMF booth, winners will be selected after the ritual).

Cover photo by: Jörg Merlin Noack


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