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A strange day – Cure Party

♫ Just like the old days ★

DJ Ørlög, DJ Ragnar & Dark Sounds ♫

Picture and Artwork copyright: + Federica Masini

The time has come for the mythical and mystical CURE PARTY in Berlin!

Tune in boyzz and girlzz, and do not cry! Next Saturday, the 20th of April 2019 the one and only Cure Party will take place at the Fitzroy Club, in Berlin. Dedicated to one of the Bands, that has a solid place in each dark heart: The Cure, the infamous “A strange day party” has a long history and plays an important role in the Berliner dark-wave scene since 2004. The event is an homage from The Cure lovers to The Cure singer Robert Smith and his birthday anniversary. A strange night dedicated to a rather strange voice, as the Eighties UK Music critics use to say about Smith. Still, the particular style of this band and its truly poetic texts became almost philosophy of life for many dark-wave souls all over the world.

Who hasn´t spent long summer nights crying on a lost love on the soundtrack of Pictures of You? Who hasn´t spent long hours on the Dancefloor, stepping back and forward at the sound of The Forest? Or has trembled in wounded sadness at night in bed, at the rhythm of One Hundred Years, and dreamy cried on the notes of Charlotte Sometimes?

Even though The Cure was not the first Dark-Wave band I discovered, for sure it was the one that went deep down into my heart and soul, leaving a mark in it, that will never fade.

A Robert Smith Poster on the wall of a young Italian teenager (me, smalltown girl from Venice). Their music was to me, an all-new world, melancholic but still full of love and a bit of old-fashioned British romance. On the waves of Emily Brontë book Wuthering Heights, that inspired many musicians like for instance Kate Bush, I pictured the wild landscapes of the British and Irish countryside while listening to Disintegration, typical English home with Lovecats, and traveled to London searching for Fascination Street and Plastic Fashion atmospheres.

Purchase the Disintegration album here!

Clubs playing dark-wave music were in Italy nevertheless very hard to find, especially in the North. The Vinile was the place to be, and luckily we had a group of DJs, the Terza Ondata, who was in touch with the inner essence of the dark-music…But only in Berlin, I could really find a party and that musical environment, that matched my musical interests. A place where The Cure were kings of the party scene.

How intensely people felt about this band in the German capital city, is symbolized by the series of parties “A Strange Night” held on the day of Robert Smith´s Birthday. Founders of the party are DJ Wilco and DJ Ørlög.

DJ Wilco on how the party started:

The idea of celebrating Robert Smith´s birthday with a party (“A Strange Night: Happy Birthday Robert!”) came from DJ Ørlög and I in during the months following the Cure After Show Party, and it happened in the context of the Montagsduncker (Dark Monday) at the Duncker Club for the recording of “The Cure: Trilogy” in November 2002. On Wednesday the 21st of April 2004 at 9 pm, the first „A Strange Night Cure Party” opened its doors at the Duncker Club.”

Later, DJ Knupfi joined the team and today he is still alive and kicking, working on the parties together with DJ Wilco.

The upcoming Saturday 20th of April 2019, fifteen years later, at 11 pm, a new edition of the party is going to be hosted in Fitzroy Club. More Information is available at the Facebook Event Page:

A month later, and the DJs could have probably played a few tunes from The Cure new album as well. Following „4:13 Dream“ the new Cure album should be coming out soon, although is still unclear when precisely. It is also supposed to be the darkest one in the history of the band. In May 2019 The Cure will play some special concerts Special Shows on the occasion of Disintegration anniversary. Will they surprise us with some new songs?

Article by Vale Ferrari

“A strange Night Party” first flier, 2004. Photo by Wilco
I’ve always spent more time with a smile on my face than not, but the thing is, I don’t write about it. Robert Smith


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