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Samhain Celebration 2019

Almost a year has passed since our last Samhain at the Duncker. Many things have happened, many changes have been taking place for all of us, for you too, we believe.

I am not posting the usual “What is Samhain” short text this time as most of you during the past years have already been reading about its meaning over and over;). This time I wish to say a few words from my personal perspective. The beautiful autumn atmosphere of Samhain, with its colors, light, and coziness, is an aspect of this very special time of the year, but Samhain is also deeply spiritual, it is a threshold, a brief lapse of time in which the veil between worlds gets thinner and permeable. When I first began to learn about pagan traditions and witchcraft beliefs and rituals, I was practicing with passion and strong discipline. I floated through life in perfect synchronization with nature´s phases, seasons and moods. A full moon calendar was mostly not even necessary, it was indeed a wonderful feeling, this connection to the natural system. Festivities like Samhain gave (and give) a meaningful cadence to time´s passing, and to that great experience that we call “Wheel of Life”. I am aware that only a part of our guests is interested in pagan traditions or even pagan music and as you know, we push nobody and let the Celebration be an open platform. Nevertheless, during our Samhain party, or the Beltaine celebrations, we are all able to feel as collective, to experience together that moment of passage, the end of a phase and the beginning of another. We gather energy and move into a new time as one. Samhain has a particular energy. It reconnects to our roots, to all that made us who we are today, to our past, to the people we met, those that have left us, to those who have passed. It is a time in which we look behind in order to understand our present better and to plan our future with more awareness.

An old witches tradition for Samhain is the “Silent Dinner” where the passed beloved ones are invited to join us at the dinner table and to stay until the feast has finished. Of course, it can be much more complex than that, however, we are not here to teach witchcraft or pagan history, but to inspire you for your own Samhain. You might want to try it out, maybe just to find a space of stillness where you can reconnect with your inner self, give room to forgotten feelings, take a look beyond that threshold, and recharge for a fresh start.


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