THEDARKMONDAY is a project born from the Montagsduncker, a regular appointment for people who are passionate about darker music genres at the Duncker Club in Berlin.

The parties take place regularly every Monday night since the beginning of the Nineties. Thanks to the efforts and work of its founder DJ, DJ Orlög, the Monday party became a pivotal center for dark and goth music in the German capital city. Still today, the party is a reference point for the dark scene in Berlin and abroad.

The program also includes regular parties on Fridays nights. The Friday parties are oriented to the traditional pagan festivities like for instance Beltane or Samhain.

Founder DJ of the Dark Monday is DJ Orlög, who also organizes and djs at the Friday events together with Vale Ferrari. Since 2017 DJ Orlög shares the DJ pult on Mondays with a team of experienced DJ and events organizers, whose music also focuses on the darker aspects of the music production mostly from the Eighties. New bands and lyrics are also promoted and presented at the Club. The Dark Monday DJ are committed to supporting new bands and bringing the best of dark wave, new wave, gothic, post-punk, coldwave, minimal synth, EBM in the club.  Industrial neo-folk, Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Indie Rock, and more, are also included in our playlists.

During the years a huge community of people from the Berlin´s dark scene and from other countries has collected around the Duncker Club. The Monday Night has become a fixed appointment and a familiar place for many of us. Collaborations, events, projects, and ideas have been born during the many nights at the club.

THEDARKMONDAY.COM is a web project who is at the same time a party website, an audio, photos and video archive, a promotion platform, and a blog about the Dark Monday, its history, its future, and the projects and people connected to it. It is also a place to discover how the music scene in Berlin changed together with the city and how the party scene from formal East and West Berlin grew from the Nineties until today.

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