DJ Ilija

Born 1981 in Witebsk Belarus, Ilija grew up in the Artist Family and traveled all over USSR till the early 90s, moved to Germany in the mid-90s, Started to do Music with the age of 14. In his early 20s he started to work on Punk shows in the legendary Bei Chez Heinz Club in Hannover, started to DJ at 2003 as Kid Restless later Noise-Noire, I started to run regular shows and party’s from 2006, and it will be more than 200 events I was managing until I left the City, I Was also working as a Street Art Artist and took part in a few underground exhibitions,´´ MonsterTanz ´´ appeared in 2007 and become a regular night in different clubs same as ´´ Creepshow´´, ´´Guitars and chainsaws´´, ´´Ignore the Machine´´ and ´´Cotton Club Swing Night´´
To the same time I was making myself a name as a Goth DJ, and I discovered an old passion from my childhood, a wide world of Swing and Film Noir Jazz Music from the 20s to 40s, I started to DJ and ran one of the first a Burlesque and Swing Theme Parties called Cotton Club Swing Night in style of golden 20s and could catch some success and attention riding on the the Swing revival coming over Europe in these days. I had a big pleasure to work with well known Artists like Devil Doll, Black Cat Zoot, Creepshow or Big John Bates.
To avoid confusion, i added Swango Fandango to my DJ names, which was describing my style best, i thought.
I Moved to Hamburg in 2009 and become a resident DJ at the Home of Burlesque Queen Calavera and King Calavera Club, after a short time i was Djing all over St Pauli and had a pleasure to design and decorate some Clubs as an Artist.
After a few years I decided to move to Berlin, Montagsduncker was the first Club I was visiting in the City and I fell in love from the first tone. I had the pleasure also to DJ there soon, the typical Sound of Orlog taught me a lot of bands and influent my music taste till now.
I was also djing at K17, White Trash FF, Roter Salon, and few other clubs, i started to run my first goth night, with the Kick in the Eye-Maskarade party and become resident at the Infame Royal Berlin, at KitKat Club.
Later I ran several events in few locations like Tanz-Fatale at Dazzle Danze Club and Total Recall at Slaughterhouse. I came to Berlin to focus my life on music, in a way it was not possible in the other cities, I was Djing in different Clubs all over Germany trying to make a living from it, and invested all of my free time in making music, djing every weekend in a different City, from Kiel to Erfurt, and from Bremen to Leipzig, Decadence, Dark Room-Depeche Mode night and many others were really fun. I was also playing and touring with several Bands at over Germany and Europe such as Sickdoll and the Nuclear Shades, later The Chosen Sons and finally Frank the Baptist with whom I was Touring in EU and USA. I quit the Band in 2016 to concentrate more on my Music projects such as The Shadow Dandy, and Adoption working on the demos in different Lineup, Actually I’m still a resident DJ at Infame Royal, Duncker running my guitar only guitar-goth and post punkNight Passion of Lovers and looking forward to the new adventures.
DJ Styles:
Classic and Modern Post-Punk, Cold,80s New and Guitar Wave, Goth Rock, EBM, and Big Beat, Oldschool Industrial, Minimal and Wave, Dreampop, Glam Rock, Deathrock, Punk, Horrorpunk, NDW, downtempo aetheric and Pagan Folk
Top-Bands Bands:
Floc of Seagulls
Clan of Xymox
The Cure
X Mal Deutschland
Nick Cave
Agent Side Grinder

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